5 self-love gifts

5 Gifts You Should Give to Yourself

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They say there are 2 kinds of people – the ones who like to give and the ones who like to receive gifts. Whatever category you belong to, if you give a gift to yourself, your joy is guaranteed. Since February is considered a month of love and since we are usually busy thinking of gifts to our partners this …

how to believe in yourself again after toxic relationship

How to Believe in Yourself Again After a Toxic Relationship

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Toxic relationship can leave you really wounded and mess up your self esteem. Even if your partner was not narcissistic and didn’t bring you down verbally, the whole experience can make you start doubting yourself. Toxic relationships tend to consume us completely, because our hope for things changing for the better makes us work extra-hard and give all our energy …

My 3 Favorite Tools For an Organised Life

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As we started the new year, many of us are thinking of how to make 2017 more successful. And part of being successful is of course achieving our dreams. Last year I was trying a few different tools and methods for an organised life, to stay on track with my goals. Now that I tested them, I would like to share …

3 Techniques for peace of mind

3 Techniques for Peace of Mind

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One of the biggest transformations that can happen in our lives is a transformation from a hectic, stressed and overloaded mind to a quiet, stable and peaceful one. Peace of mind is an essential basis for being happy and allowing your true self to shine in this world. The best and at the same time the worst thing about peace …

How to deal with negative people effectively

How to Deal with Negative People Effectively?

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First, let’s agree on what we mean by negative people. In my opinion it’s those people who are either always complaining and see negative side of life, or those who try to bring you down and say negative things about you personally. They are also called toxic people, or haters. I believe they all fall into one category, because whether …