10 Questions You Should Ask to Find Your True Happiness

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Shortly, but very precisely, Pushpa Chaturvedi from www.speakingtree.in has covered all the necessary questions we need to ask ourselves to find who we really are and what makes us happy. Even people who are not interested in spirituality, but want to improve their well being will benefit from answering them.

  1. What are my common day to day self inquiries ?
  2. What will make me happy in a negative situation ?
  3. Am I thankful for the problems I don’t have?
  4. Am I talking negative to self for certain changes in my life ?
  5. Is my stress due to holding on to any negative behavior ?
  6. Am I blaming others and denying responsibility ?
  7. Why am I tempted to react in my same old way instead of changing ?
  8. Are my expectations from others causing my hurt ?
  9. Why don’t I forgive others easily?
  10. Am I giving back more or less to impact the life of others ?

Check out this full slideshow to see more details of these questions.

The main point for me here is that rather than running around and begging the outside world to give us some peace and happiness, we should first turn our attention inside, to ourselves, and investigate who is that person who is craving all these things.

If we look carefully and ask ourselves these important questions, we will soon discover that peace and happiness are actually our nature. They don’t come from the outside. We are simply making a choice to feel them or not.

“When you really think about it, everything happening around you is neutral and meaningless until the point that you give it meaning.”

This simple thought, once understood completely, gives us freedom and makes us aware that we choose our thoughts, our feelings, words and actions, which in turn create our character and destiny.

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