3 Techniques for peace of mind

3 Techniques to Keep Your Mind Peaceful

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One of the biggest transformations that can happen in our lives is a transformation from a hectic, stressed and overloaded mind to a quiet, stable and peaceful one. Peace of mind is an essential basis for being happy and allowing your true self to shine in this world.

The best and at the same time the worst thing about peace of mind is that it is fully in your control. It means that you have all the power needed to gain it. But it also means that you can’t blame not having peace of mind on external circumstances and people.

If you are ready to begin your journey to a healthier state of mind, here are the 3 things you can do to start.

Wish well to others

The biggest obstacle to our peace is grudges that we hold against other people. Our mind “jumps” as soon as we see or think of the person we dislike, or who upset us. The easiest way to release this pattern is a daily practice of wishing well to everyone. That includes people you don’t like and don’t wish anything nice to.

All you need to do is form a positive thought and imagine that you send this thought to others. It can be as simple as “I wish you joy and bliss”. Start sending this wish to the people that you love first. Notice how it makes you feel. Then, gradually, start sending this wish to people you don’t like. It will feel different, not as pleasant at first. But stick to this daily practice and with time, all your grudges with this people will dissolve, making you feel more peaceful and content.

Get back to your body

We tend to stress about the future and analyze our past too much. But the best thing for our peace of mind is to keep our focus on the present, where we are in control.

To get your mind back to the present moment, remember to shift your awareness back to your body, when you notice that your mind is wandering in the past or future for too long. Bring awareness to how your body feels at the moment, your posture, your breath. Do some intentional movements, while keeping your awareness on your body. Doing this on a constant basis will teach your mind to be more present and will stop it from worrying too much about what happened or what can happen.

3 Techniques for peace of mind

Notice the bigger picture

It is true that life is made of small, but important details. The challenge is not to get stuck managing all the little things too much. When we give too much importance to trivial things like someone taking our cup in the office, or someone forgetting to do what we asked, we lose our peace of mind easily.

Remind yourself to look at the bigger picture of your life. There are always bigger and more important things to be grateful for. When you notice that your mind got stuck on smaller things, gently bring its’ awareness to a higher level.

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