My 3 Favorite Tools For an Organised Life

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As we started the new year, many of us are thinking of how to make 2017 more successful. And part of being successful is of course achieving our dreams. Last year I was trying a few different tools and methods for an organised life, to stay on track with my goals. Now that I tested them, I would like to share my top 3 tools that helped me the most and which I want to continue using in the new year.

Bullet Journal

My biggest and most favorite system last year was Bullet Journal. Originally very minimalistic approach to scheduling daily tasks and planning monthly goals, it grew into something very creative, even artistic.

What inspired me to start using it is the idea of keeping track of not only my daily tasks, but also my list of best moments, ideas, wants and daily habits all in the same place.

Another great advantage of bullet journaling is the ability to make it completely customized. You can start it in any notebook that you like, choose templates and layouts most comfortable for you and decorate it as much or as little as you want.

Even though I’m not a very artistic person, the fact that I can do small creative things in my journal while planning my routine, helps me stick with this type of journaling and keeps my interest up.

It is also very satisfying that I can see progress in my goals, habits or wants, because they are also tracked in this journal. This system gives you a glance over your whole life and takes the pressure off your mind, so you stop worrying that you neglect one part of your life, for example.

Passion Planner

It may sound strange that I’m using Passion Planner, as I already have my Bullet Journal, but it is very comfortable for me. When planning my daily tasks in Bullet Journal I only outline the general things that I need to do during the week. Weekly spread in Passion Planner has a convenient hourly breakdown, so after writing down all my weekly tasks in BuJo, I use Passion Planner to plan each task by day and hour.

Passion Planner is more structured, but also has creative space where you can draw mind maps. It is also great that at the end of each month you have a list of questions to answer, in order to assess how did the month go. This helps to get an overall idea of accomplished things and makes it easier to plan for the next month.

Another great thing that I enjoy in this system is the breakdown of personal and work to-do lists according to priority. Each week’s spreadsheet has a table where you can write all your major tasks and pushes you to think what is your biggest priority and what can be done later.


Simple and old-fashioned, but a very effective way to get all your thoughts out and ease your mind at the end of a long busy day. It can be a story of your life, a friend you can tell all your thoughts to and a healing tool all at the same time.

Writing therapy is even used in psychology sometimes, so keeping a diary can help you find inner peace. It is also rewarding and interesting to flip through your past memories and see how your life was progressing, how you were changing. Diary is also a very creative tool. You are free to write whenever you want and however you want. So it can be also a great self-expression tool.

I do my best to write daily and find it useful to write down interesting thoughts or revelations that I had during the day, along with general events.

3 Tools for an organised life

I hope that you find these ideas helpful and that you feel inspired to try some of them, if you haven’t already. After all, life is much better when you feel well-organised and ready for it!

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