4 Reasons Why We Should Stop Being Critical

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I noticed that today we are thinking of being critical as good and even necessary. We believe that it leads to progress, which seems like a very reasonable thought. It makes sense: you critically analyze something, take notice of all the flaws and speak out the ways these flaws can be improved.

However, our critical thinking can play a bad trick with us and lead to problems, rather than improvement that we expect. Here is a list of things to be aware of when you’re criticizing something and 4 reasons why it’s better to stop being critical.

1. It becomes a bad habit.

It is one thing to analyze and criticize something as a part of your work, but it is completely different to be critical about small things in everyday life and things that are out of your control or responsibility, such as weather. Your mind gets in to a habit of noticing tiniest flaws in every thing and since you can’t fix them, these flaws keep springing back in your mind and haunt you. Eventually, this kind of thinking becomes automatic, making it very difficult for you to think positively.

2. It causes bad mood.

As it becomes a habit and your mind produces more and more critical thoughts, your mood gets affected. You become annoyed very often and it seems like you can’t help it. You may feel like the world is doing everything to ruin your day, when in fact it’s your own mind that automatically serves you your regular dish, highlighting all the negative aspects of your surroundings.

3. It damages your relationships.

Even if you’re not criticizing people around, but are critical about things, events, political situation etc too often, you will inevitably find that people begin to avoid you, because nobody likes to be constantly surrounded by the heavy cloud of your toxic thoughts on how this or that should have been better.

And of course people will start running away from you, if you are being critical of them personally, because they will feel hurt and rejected.

4.  It leads to critical self-talk

Not only you are being critical of the outside world, but your mind obediently shows you negative parts and flaws of your own personality too. You begin to criticize yourself and every single little mistake that you make or a flaw that you have, just like you criticize the rest of the world. But instead of “fixing the flaws”, this negative self-talk only depletes your energy and damages your self-esteem.

If you found these symptoms of “criticism” disease in you, you have a powerful tool to fight it now. This tool is – awareness. Since you know that you have this problem, be aware of it, be aware of your thoughts and watch them carefully. This is the first step to cure this disease.

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