5 Ideas for Conquering Self Doubt

5 Ideas for Conquering Self-Doubt

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Great self-confidence doesn’t come from nowhere, it is carefully built. And while many of us have to build it from scratch as adults, even the naturally confident people have their moments of self-doubt. Moments, when deep inside you feel vulnerable and wonder if you are enough, if you will manage, if you are capable.

Of course, being realistic and careful about your endeavors is perfectly fine, but doubting yourself too often can lead you to feeling stuck, helpless and depressed.

Here are 5 ideas on how to build courage and get yourself where you want to be, by conquering self-doubt.

1. Remember Past Challenges

When you doubt that you can accomplish something, it’s a good thing to remember that this is not your first challenge. There must have been something in the past, when you felt unconfident and almost couldn’t believe that you’ll make it, but still made it.

Even if it was when you were 5 and you thought you will not survive dentist’s visit, remember it and acknowledge that you’ve struggled before.
Realizing that it’s not your first struggle, will make you feel stronger.

2. Remember Past Success

As you remembered your past battles, it makes sense to remember success you had in them. This way you can create a positive connection in your mind between challenges and success. When this connection is well-established, your periods of self-doubt will decrease. You will look forward to new challenges, knowing that you can overcome the obstacles and achieve your goals.

3. Take an Action

This is very important, if you are doubting that you can accomplish some big projects, like changing a career, or writing a book. Instead of contemplating for years about it, make a small action – check out new CV templates, think of a name for the main character.

Experience shows, once you do a tiny easy step, you feel a tiny bit more confident and inspired to continue going. And while you are in this process, your mind doesn’t have much time to doubt.

4. Affirmations Brainwash

Be your own main cheerleader. Don’t just listen to affirmations, or read them. Say them out loud to yourself whenever you can, and keep repeating them in your head throughout the day.

Even better – pick an addictive tune and sing your affirmations to it, making your own affirmative song. If you sing it a few times, there is a big chance that it will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day, and you will not have to remind yourself to repeat these affirmations.

Conquer Your Self-Doubt

5. Trust the Universe

The best belief to have is knowing that you are not alone in your struggle, that Universe loves and supports you and wants to help you. Think of all the times when you received unexpected help, a much needed tip, or a good chance and realize that Universe is always on your side.

What better way to kill self-doubt, than knowing that the whole creation is willing to help you?

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