5 self-love gifts

5 Gifts to Give to Yourself

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They say there are 2 kinds of people – the ones who like to give and the ones who like to receive gifts. Whatever category you belong to, if you give a gift to yourself, your joy is guaranteed.

Since February is considered a month of love and since we are usually busy thinking of gifts to our partners this month, I would like to bring attention to self-love instead.

Don’t forget, that you are worthy of love and gifts, even if you don’t have a significant other. Self-love is the basis on which a healthy romantic love can be built. And to keep this foundation healthy, it’s good to treat it with some nice presents.

So here is the list of 5 things that you should give to yourself as a gift:

  1. Acceptance

Be brave enough to accept your past as it is. Accept the way you acted and the things you said. Accept your flaws and weaknesses. All of it is ok. You didn’t have to be better, but if you want to be in the future, you will learn to. Just make peace with all of that for now, so you could stop going through all your mistakes in your head and could save energy to act wiser in the future.

  1. Care

You are so great at giving all of you to others, to people you really love. But you always need to be the first one who receives your own love and care. Only after your needs are met and your heart is filled with love can you give the same to those around you. It is healthier to give from the excess, than to give by ripping the last from your own. Take care of yourself first!

  1. Inspiration

Feed your mind with stories of success, hope, miracles, kindness. Life is demanding and sometimes we need to keep our head down to get through obstacles and pain to the place of our dreams. Remind yourself to look up more often. Notice what inspires you the most and learn to manage your motivation, so it keeps you going through the roughest times.

5 self love gifts

  1. Belief

There are quite enough “realistic” people around you, who can write you a list of reasons why it’s unlikely that you will succeed. Don’t be one of these people. Believe in yourself and your dreams. Even if you already tried, if you already gave it your all and it didn’t work out. Nothing happens in vain. Be stubborn, keep going and believe that you are capable of making it.

  1. Time

You are a great achiever and a caring person, and deep inside you know you already deserved better things in life. And it’s true – you do. But even the gift needs to be crafted, picked up, wrapped, delivered and then unfolded first to be at your disposal. Give yourself time and enjoy the process of building and unfolding your greatness step by step, as life leads you.

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