5 Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Life

5 Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Life

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It’s spring time. Time when nature wakes up and starts a new cycle of life. Apart from New Year’s holidays, this is my most favorite time to review my life and check what needs spring cleaning or renovation.

So today I would like to share with you my ideas on how to clean up your life and prepare it for positive changes. This will help you, if you have been through some tough times and feel ready to get out of the rut! It can also help in case you are bored by your everyday routine and want to clear the space for something new and exciting.

Now is the best time to reinvent your life and make it as bright and fresh as this spring!

1. Cut out what’s not serving you (projects/routines)

Take a good look at all the projects, to do lists and routines that you have going. Is there anything that takes a lot of your energy but doesn’t bring any result or joy? Cut down on all these useless tasks. Free your time and energy to focus on more joyful and productive things.

2. Stop contacting people you don’t want to

We all have these kind of relationships, when we don’t really want to stay in touch with the person, but still do. This can be because it’s our relative, or a childhood friend and we feel uncomfortable to cut ties with them. It can also happen if our social circle is small and we are afraid to stay alone. Carefully check the reasons why you keep these relationships and consider better ways of managing them. 

3. Throw away things you don’t like or use anymore

Nothing feels more like spring than spring cleaning! For me it also includes wardrobe re-arrangement. Useless and unloved things in our houses make us feel burdened and bored. Plus, they take the space that can be occupied by things that we would love and enjoy. So have a look around your house and wardrobe. What is it time to say goodbye to? Have no mercy! Give away, sell or throw out things that a) you don’t like and b) you don’t use.

5 Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Life

4. Finish up what’s been overdue

Is there something that’s been on your to-do list for months? Make a decision now – either cut it out of your plans completely, or finally do it! If you make a decision to complete that task, make a step by step plan and move it to your priorities, so you could complete it as soon as possible. You will feel more organized and on track with your life, once you cross this finish line. Not to mention that you will be ready for a new project, once you are finally done with this one.

5. Say goodbye to your old stories and move on

Check your everyday thoughts. Is there any repeating story going on at the back of your mind? Do you keep going back to something you’ve done or that happened to you in the past? Now is the best time to tell yourself that you accept what happened and move on. Make peace with the stories in your mind and concentrate on creating new and better ones now.

If you do all 5 of those – you will be absolutely ready to start a new life and trust me, it will start!

What’s your favorite way of starting a new page in life? Share in the comments below!

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