How to Break Free From the Life You Hate and Build the Life You Love

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Women living in unhappy relationships, women who hate their jobs, women who don’t like the way they look, women who feel that their life is hard and not what it was supposed to be.

Do you know what stops you from living a better life? Is it the amount of money that you have? Or is it a lack of good opportunities? Or maybe it’s the people around you, who are not supportive and understanding enough?

I understand how easy it is to feel vulnerable in this world and how little it takes to start believing that your life circumstances limit you. But we don’t have to be at the mercy of other people and events, if we choose not to.

So, if you choose to finally break free from what’s holding you back in the place, relationship or state of mind that you don’t like, make sure you check the list below. It is 5 things that you need to build a new and better life on your own terms.

1. Self love

Everyone is talking about it, everyone knows about it, but in practice not so many women have enough of it. How can you understand whether or not you have enough love for yourself?

There are many ways, but here is one way to test this.

If you let yourself stay in a place, situation or relationship that makes your life miserable, you should definitely ask why you don’t love yourself enough to leave.

Women with high levels of self love allow themselves to believe that there is nothing impossible or “too good” for them and that they deserve the best. So they don’t stay somewhere they feel unhappy, because they know that there is plenty of better opportunities for them. This self love acts as a basement for the life that they build. If you are struggling with this part, check out my 5 Essential Rules for a Healthy Self Esteem to get going.

2. Imagination

Be brave enough to dream big. I know that as we grow older we become more cautious and practical in our imagination. After surviving our first disappointments in life, we can be fearful of imagining how we meet the guy, build a house or get a job of our dreams. We might even see no use in thinking about this, since we “know from experience” that it won’t happen to us.

But if you don’t let yourself dream about something, you will never notice an opportunity to get it. So letting your imagination flow freely is an important step.


3. Courage

Living life the way you think is best for you can be very challenging. So you can get stuck between two fears – fear of never making your dreams come true and fear of being ridiculed and preached by the society for daring to follow your dreams.

If you will not be brave enough to break from this cage of fear, you will have very mediocre results – you will not be exactly where you wanted to be, but at the same time you won’t be too pushed down by people around you.

4. Persistence

Great lives don’t just happen, they are built one brick at a time. If you are not where you want to be, you should start walking in the direction of your better life. If you stop, if you get scared and run back – you will never make it there.

So train your persistence and learn to push yourself to do more for your happiness. Put bigger goals, break habits that hold you back, get rid of people who pull you down.

5. Inspiration

Many think that inspiration is beyond our control, that we either have it at the current moment or not. But many successfully creative people will tell you that they found ways to influence their inspiration. They prove that it is possible to become inspired, when you need to.

We all need to learn how to create this flow of creativity at wish. After all, inspiration is a force that keeps you going against all odds. To live a better life we need to surround ourselves with things and people that inspire, lead and push us to become better, that make us believe that better life is possible.

If you are not living the life of your dreams yet and don’t think that you are even on the way to it, check which points you need to work more on and start acting today!

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