7 Important Reasons to Dress Up Nicely Every Day

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Sometimes I get surprised that fashion industry is so successful.

Thousands of designers worldwide create new combinations of form, color and pattern. Thousands of ads show us these wonderful creations in the most appealing ways. Millions of shops attract and persuade us to buy these things. Millions of blogs, webinars, Instagram photos are showing us how to enjoy all these beauty trends.

But when I walk out on the streets, 99% of what I see around me is simply jeans and t-shirts.

Ladies, where is all the beauty that you are rushing for and buying on sales?

Actually, I know where it is. It remains untouched in your wardrobe, because it’s easier to pull on jeans, than to plan how to combine all the small details of a more interesting outfit.

Well, perhaps we should spend more time planning and creating outfits with our beautiful garments. So here are a few important reasons why we should plan to dress up every day.

Feel great about yourself

Everyone knows that looking great adds confidence. It will not fix a low self esteem, but can give it some temporary boost. When you invest some effort to create a great outfit for yourself in the morning, you enjoy the results of this the whole day. You feel more attractive, successful and inspired.

Focus and become productive

When you take care to look your best in the morning, it automatically sets you in a mode of doing your best throughout the day. This is a good psychological trick. If you are working from home, or simply have a lot of house tasks – dress up in your office clothes. You will see how much easier you get into the work mood, compared to when you are wearing your home clothes.


Express yourself

If you have a very mundane job, or generally lack creativity in your life – dress up. Dressing up is a creative process. It is a form of play that lets you explore your own personality, and then show it to the world as a masterpiece. When you become conscious of what you are wearing and why, you develop your creative side, which can positively influence other parts of your life.

Create a habit of caring for yourself

Dressing up is not only about clothes. Once we decide to wear a cute dress, we often like to follow up with makeup and hair styling. This way we create a good habit of taking care of ourselves. At some point it becomes automatic and can save us time and money.

Become noticeable for opportunities

Women who look good, get noticed. And women who are noticed, have more good opportunities. If you were a good opportunity, would you come up to a nicely dressed lady, or to the one who didn’t notice what she put on in the morning?


Keep yourself out of depression

Dressing up can be a great coping method during life’s tough periods. Many women who went through serious trauma choose to dress up nicely every day to keep connected with life and remember who they are. It is a combination of color therapy, mindfulness and creative expression. So it can give you strength and motivation to keep pushing against life’s difficulties.

Inspire others and set example

You can set a good example to other women and younger girls by holding yourself to a higher standard and dressing up every day. Beauty, style and creativity inspire other people to live better, to pay attention to the beauty of life and appreciate it. So even if you don’t become a fashion icon, you can do much good by dressing well and reminding everyone that life is beautiful.

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