How to allow your wishes to come true

Do You Allow Your Wishes to Come True?

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Just to make it clear – this post is not about “The Secret” or any other manifestation ideas. I’m talking about a very simple psychological concept here.

We all have desires in life. Some are as small as getting a new dress, and some are as big as the universe. We all want these desires to manifest. Or at least we think that we do. But very often we are the ones who don’t let them come true, even though we say we want them to materialize. Why does that happen?

Very often it happens because we simply block all the attempts of our wishes to come true. It usually starts like this – you come to a shop and see something that you really want. You are ready to get it, but suddenly your mind throws you a fearful thought: “It’s expensive, you better spend this money on something for your child”, or “You can get it later, when you have a higher salary”, or “Don’t rush, maybe you don’t really need it after all”. So you put that thing down and walk out of the shop without it.

If this simple scenario is repeated too many times and in many different circumstances (not only shopping of course), you become used to stopping yourself from acting on any wish or desire that you get. And once you teach yourself to stop following on most of your smaller wishes, you automatically stop yourself or hesitate acting on your greater desires and goals.

So without letting your smallest dreams to come true, you can’t expect your greater ones to manifest either. And that’s how you get stuck in the unfulfilling life.

If you know what I’m talking about and recognize this pattern in yourself, here are a few tips on how to get unstuck and allow yourself to be happier.

Stop postponing it – act on the moment

As soon as you realize that you have a small simple wish – go for it. Make it come true now without second-guessing yourself. Even if you realistically can’t make your wish to come true immediately, still act on it as soon as possible – write it down, make a plan for it, start saving for it, make at least some first step towards it. Just do something now to quicken its manifestation.

Make your wishes a priority

Catch yourself, when you are sacrificing your wish for the wishes of people you love. It really doesn’t have to be either or. It can be both, just maybe not at the same time. Make sure that you make your wishes priority more often.

Keep track of your wishes

Keep track of your wishes and make a list of them to see, how often you allow them to come true. You can just write them down or get creative and make a whole vision board for them. The point is to acknowledge them, recognize their importance and have them in focus. This will also be a good reminder for you to act on your wishes, when you get the chance.


Celebrate your small wishes come true. Allow yourself to enjoy when that happens. Be conscious about it and pay attention to this fact. That will keep you on track and will pave the road for your bigger wishes to come true easier and faster.

allow your wishes to come true

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