How to deal with negative people effectively

How to Deal with Negative People Effectively?

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First, let’s agree on what we mean by negative people. In my opinion it’s those people who are either always complaining and see negative side of life, or those who try to bring you down and say negative things about you personally. They are also called toxic people, or haters. I believe they all fall into one category, because whether …

10 Great Quotes About Relationships With Yourself & Others

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Wisdom comes with experience, but smart people get wise by learning from the experience of others, rather than making their own mistakes. That’s why I collected this list of wise quotes about relationships, which we all can use as a reference. I believe these quotes will be especially useful for women who went through or are trying to get away from an …

4 Advantages of Experiencing a Difficult Relationship

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Being able to connect with others, find love, support and understanding is no doubts one of the best parts of our lives. But when we find ourselves in the relationships that are crippling and painful, it can make us feel like failures. And when shame and feeling of inadequacy add on top of your bitter disappointment and unhappiness in the relationship, …