How to build a healthy self-esteem

How to Build a Healthy Self-esteem. First Steps

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To change something that was being built for a long time we first need to have a very good look at it. To  build a healthy self-esteem we need to analyze our current belief system and question it to change what’s not working well for us. For some women their self-esteem suffers the most in the area of body image, …

signs of healthy self-esteem

3 Signs of a Healthy Self-esteem

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Now that we know the main symptoms of low self-esteem it is time to analyze what healthy self-esteem looks like. We can sometimes confuse high self-esteem with arrogance and pride. But healthy self-esteem doesn’t put us above others, like pride and arrogance do. It only allows us to take good care of ourselves in a healthy way. Kind Healthy self-esteem …

Symptoms of low self-esteem

Symptoms of Low Self-esteem

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Our mind is always in conversation. Whether or not we interact with the outside world, our mind is always saying something to us. Just like your thoughts about your friends indicate the relationship you have with them, the thoughts that you have about yourself show your relationship with self. A low self-esteem is when this internal conversation is quite negative …

What is self-esteem

What Is Self-Esteem & How It Works

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Self-esteem is an image that we hold of ourselves. It is made of our beliefs, thoughts, values and words we use when addressing ourselves in the internal dialogue. It is what we allow ourselves and what we allow others in relation to us. It is a complex thing, but very evasive and one that we don’t analyse or notice often …