Change Your Life by Changing Your Talk

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“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1

Sound is powerful. It is a vibration, or frequency, that can affect physical matter, as was revealed by ancient mystics and proven by modern scientists.

Each word is a vibration that passes through our body, when we speak it and when we hear it. As a vibration, each word creates a different pattern and can even leave a unique imprint on physical substances. If you ever heard about Cymatics, you can imagine it.

But while physical matter is not easily affected by the everyday sound of our words, our minds are very sensitive to it. And that is why we have to be careful of the words we choose to speak, even when only speaking to ourselves. Because we are listening, and the Universe is listening too.


I always pay attention to the way people speak, when I meet them for the first time. This is such a great insight into their character and state of mind. Sometimes you can detect negative mindset from the first few sentences.

The easiest to notice is the first type. These are people who immediately tell you that they don’t have something, didn’t do something, had bad luck or who simply bad mouth someone else.

The second type of negative mindset is less toxic and not so obvious. These people don’t seem to say anything negative per se, but they always seem to choose topics such as illness, conflicts, or tragedy to discuss. These topics might have nothing to do with their own life, but people with this mindset are naturally drawn to find and discuss drama.

And then there is a type that the majority of people have, including me. Their mindset is more or less balanced, but sometimes you can hear a phrase or two that shows why they are struggling in certain areas. Phrases like “Oh, I can’t go to that party. I’m broke” or “They won’t offer me this job, because I don’t have a degree”.

It seems like a natural thing to say, given your life circumstances. But I learned from personal experience that it is possible to describe even unfavorable life events in a positive way and that it matters when you do so.

 I had a story when I was in a very bad financial situation and was quite stressed because of it. The chances didn’t look good and I couldn’t expect help from anywhere. Taking someone’s good advice, I began saying to myself “I am abundant”. If nothing else, it was extremely soothing to my wrecked nerves to hear it. By repeating this affirmation, my stress level went down, I started believing this affirmation more and within a week I got several opportunities that solved all my financial problems.


The point is, you can reprogram your mind and change your life by talking in a more optimistic way.

Here is a list of rules I follow, that helped me to reprogram my mindset and see more opportunities for building happier life.

Pay attention to the words you choose

There is an old Russian saying – “If you call someone a pig long enough, sooner or later they will begin to grunt”. Make sure that you don’t have a bad habit of repeatedly calling things (and people of course) “stupid”, “horrible” or “sick”, unless you want to see more of that in your life.

Build positive sentences

Think creatively. Instead of saying “I’m broke”, better say “I’m at the beginning of my path to wealth”. If you can’t avoid saying “I don’t have this”, at least turn it into “I don’t have this yet.” Don’t make the dead-end statements, like there is no opportunity for change. Opportunities will appear, if you let them, and one way of letting them appear is to speak in a way that implies that they are expected and welcome.

Avoid gossiping and discussing drama

If you want your life to be peaceful, don’t engage yourself in long discussions of everyday drama and other people’s lives, especially when they are not part of your own life. I know people who like making a tragedy or newsflash out of every little thing that they see around them and then talking and talking about it with others. This is like splashing yourself with dirty water again and again – messy and meaningless.

Avoid criticizing

There is a long-known law of energy that when you criticize someone, you attract their negative qualities to yourself. It is easy to understand – we attract things that we constantly think and talk about. So it is better to compliment people on their good qualities, instead of criticizing for the negative ones.

Practice affirmations

Affirmations is the easiest and fastest way to see how important are the words that we say. Choose a few phrases that you feel in tune with on the area that you want to improve and make an experiment. Repeat these phrases to yourself for a few weeks and notice how your thinking is changing, along with circumstances around you.

Do you believe that words are powerful? Did you have any success with affirmations? Share your stories! I would love to hear them!

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