What Happens When You Cure Low Self Esteem

What Happens When You Cure Low Self Esteem and Start Loving Yourself

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I believe that our self esteem and feeling of self-worth is fundamental for all areas of life. How we think of ourselves will be reflected by the world around us. So low self esteem can make our life experience quite negative.

Even though our self esteem is greatly affected by circumstances of our childhood, the great thing is that self esteem is a mental concept. It depends on our thoughts, so we are always able to change it, no matter how old we are and what life experiences we went through.

Sometimes we are not even aware that our problems stem up from low self esteem. But I assure you that many problems can be solved by working on your feeling of self-worth. So here is a list of just a few things that happen, when you finally start loving yourself.

Love life

You get out of circle of abusive or simply draining relationships. Because you respect yourself and have solid boundaries, you start attracting and building relationships with completely different type of men, who respect you. You stop being scared that your man will cheat on you, or betray you, or leave you. You stop being afraid to be alone, without a partner, because you have so many other meaningful things to do, that love is no longer the only thing to live for.


You stop fighting for recognition and trying to prove yourself in the office. Instead, you put your energy to finding out what is it that you truly want to contribute in this world. And you are not afraid or ashamed to transfer to this field of work, when you found it. Even if you were a head attorney for a huge corporation, but now want to be a yoga teacher.

What Happens When You Cure Low Self Esteem

Family & Friends

Healthy self esteem will never let you tolerate people who bring you down, criticize or make fun of you in a cruel way. You let these people out of your life and don’t feel guilty about it. You know you deserve positive and supportive friends. So you are not afraid to say  “no” to those, who don’t match that criteria.

Looks & Health

You start looking better. And feeling better. Not by magic, but because you finally realize that you deserve and must invest time and money into your beauty and health. No matter what. No matter your financial or emotional state, other obligations or inconvenience of changing your lifestyle. It becomes your priority, rather than something you remember only after you take care of everyone else.

Low self esteem can ruin almost any area of your life, so it’s important to cultivate self love and keep it high. Check out my post on 5 Essential Rules for Healthy Self Esteem, if you are ready to start.

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