How to deal with negative people effectively

How to Deal with Negative People Effectively?

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First, let’s agree on what we mean by negative people. In my opinion it’s those people who are either always complaining and see negative side of life, or those who try to bring you down and say negative things about you personally. They are also called toxic people, or haters. I believe they all fall into one category, because whether they hate the whole world or just you alone, negative people drain your energy with their words and actions.

Accept that you can’t hide from negative people completely

Of course, the easiest advice would be to avoid these people. But we know very well that it’s not always possible. We can have negative people in our family, at work, or in friends’ circle, making it difficult to avoid them. The best way would be to minimize your communication, but we still have to accept that we can’t hide from them completely. So we need to learn to stand up against negative people and develop immunity to them.

Give them freedom to believe what they want

First thing to remember, when dealing with negative people is that everyone sees the world only through their own mind. Our perceptions are based on our personal experiences and sometimes have nothing to do with the reality of things. A negative person has personal reasons to be negative. It is his choice and his perception is his responsibility. You carry responsibility only for your perception. So give others freedom to see things the way they want to see them. And remember that you have the same freedom for yourself. That will save you from feeling offended or upset, when dealing with a toxic person.

How to deal with negative people effectively

Don’t argue with negative people

There is no need to argue with a negative person, or try to change their mind. As mentioned above, their negativity is their choice and it is not your responsibility to make them feel better. Even if we are talking about your close friend or relative. You just can’t force them to change. Arguments will drain you even more, because negative people will give you a million reasons to believe what they believe. If your conversation changed to negative, you may be tempted to make them see positive side of the matter. But a better strategy will be to change the topic.

Be mindful of your emotional reaction

If it was easy to be cool and not react when talking to a negative person, we wouldn’t see so many advice on how to avoid these people. But it’s important to remember that if you show a strong emotional reaction to their words, the conversation (or their negative monologue) will spiral down even further. So do your best at staying cool around negative people. If their words are affecting you personally, have in mind that this negativity is a projection of the internal pain that a person feels for whatever reason. It really has nothing to do with you, so let it go.

I hope these tips are helpful to you. If you have your own stories and ideas on how to deal with negative people, share them in the comments – I would love to hear about your personal experience with this issue!

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