letting go - how to make it easier

Letting Go – How to Make it Easier

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I think that today is a good day to talk about letting go. Nothing is more painful and unwelcome for us than the idea of releasing something we have been holding on to for a long time. Doesn’t matter if it hurts us, doesn’t matter if it is useless to us. Our human nature, which wants stability and permanence, takes the best of us. We hate the idea of letting go so much, that we can even hold on to our pain, because it feels familiar and safe.

But despite all our resistance, life pushes us to become more flexible. Sometimes it even pushes us to an edge, where what we refuse to release is torn away from us by force, leaving us broken and devastated.

Life is not cruel by doing so. It just wants to teach us to be a part of its’ flow and to move with it. If we want to learn to let go with as little pain as possible, we need to know that:

You can be slow

It can be a long process with many stages, if it needs to be. It doesn’t mean that you are weak, if you can’t make it immediately. Adjusting and accepting the change takes time.

You can trust the Universe

Whatever is for your higher good and benefit will stay in your life, even if you don’t hold it. Whatever is hurting you or trying to escape your grip is better to be released. Have faith that life is wise to know what is in your best interest.

You deserve the best

No matter what is taken from you, always trust that you deserve the best and that you will have the best. Remember, that sometimes you need to free some space around you, to let in something better than you have now.

You can talk about your pain

No, it’s not whining. Even if you are telling about your pain to those, who heard it many times and who were telling you to let go for ages. Talking it out helps you to clear your head and accept the change that is happening with you bit by bit.

You need to be honest

It’s ok to feel hopeful that the situation will suddenly change for the better, that everything will turn around and you will not have to change. But you need to be as realistic and honest with yourself as possible. If your hopes don’t come true, you need to be strong enough to continue walking away.

letting go

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