How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work?

Long Distance Relationship Advice

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History knows many cases of successful long distance relationships. Couples such as Mark Twain & Olivia Louise Langdon, Winston Churchill & Clementine Hozier and Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera wrote letters to each other, when they were apart, and waited for days for a reply to keep their feelings alive.

Today we have internet, facebook, skype and many other means that let us connect and even see each other in an instant from any corner of the world. And yet we struggle with long distance relationships like never before.

Long Distance Relationship Advice

Everyone knows that relationships are built on good communication. But while the world is obsessed with simplifying communication means, couples in the long distance relationship have to focus on quality of their communication.

Here is a list of long distance relationship advice that can help:

1. Think Well

Our relationships are based on our thoughts of the person. It’s our thoughts that lead to words and actions. And even though we can’t read each others’ minds, we tend to feel whether people are sincere in what they do or say. So our thoughts have a great influence.

Make sure that this foundation of your relationship is strong. Sort out your thoughts – learn to let go of silent blame, criticism and judgement of your loved one. Instead, make a habit of thinking well about them – concentrate on their good qualities, remind yourself of good times you had together, consciously wish that person to do and to be well every day.

2. Trust

Trust can be a big issue even in a usual relationship, so it is vital not to turn it into a weak spot in a long-distance one. An important fact that we need to remember here is that we can’t control other people. We can ask, persuade, influence others, but nothing will give us total control of their thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Being jealous and suspicious will only hurt ourselves, but won’t change someone’s decision to act certain way.

So we need to remember to choose trust for our own comfort and peace of mind. If we start the long distance relationship with “presumption of innocence”, it will have more chances to survive and flourish.

3. Ask, Listen, Support

It’s easy to lose track of things and stop communicating, when both of you have separate lives and don’t see each other every day. So make it your goal to reach out to your loved one on a constant basis and show interest in their everyday life.

Ask meaningful questions, listen attentively and give your support to keep long distance relationship feeling close and warm. Being there for your partner emotionally is sometimes more important than being with them physically.

4. Open Your Heart

Even when couples live together, the relationship can fall apart, if they fail to communicate on a deep level and stop sharing their thoughts and feelings with each other. Don’t forget to open your heart to your loved one, even when they are far away.

Sharing your experiences will makes you feel closer to each other and will create more trust in your relationship.

How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work?

5. Have a Better Look

And finally, take this time to have a better look at your relationship, your feelings and the person you are with. All relationships have to be tested by hardships to weed out the weak ones.

Long distance relationship is that challenge, which can show how truly reliable and loving you are.

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