3 Techniques for peace of mind

3 Techniques to Keep Your Mind Peaceful

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One of the biggest transformations that can happen in our lives is a transformation from a hectic, stressed and overloaded mind to a quiet, stable and peaceful one. Peace of mind is an essential basis for being happy and allowing your true self to shine in this world. The best and at the same time the worst thing about peace …

How to deal with negative people effectively

How to Deal with Negative People Effectively?

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First, let’s agree on what we mean by negative people. In my opinion it’s those people who are either always complaining and see negative side of life, or those who try to bring you down and say negative things about you personally. They are also called toxic people, or haters. I believe they all fall into one category, because whether …

3 Romantic Movies to Watch

3 Uniquely Romantic Movies to Watch

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Today is a short post, where I want to recommend 3 beautiful movies about relationships. Watching a movie can be so therapeutic and can inspire us to see our situations in a very different light. But it can be difficult to find such a film, which moves you or makes you think. So here is my list of romantic movies …

How to allow your wishes to come true

Do You Allow Your Wishes to Come True?

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Just to make it clear – this post is not about “The Secret” or any other manifestation ideas. I’m talking about a very simple psychological concept here. We all have desires in life. Some are as small as getting a new dress, and some are as big as the universe. We all want these desires to manifest. Or at least …

10 Great Quotes About Relationships With Yourself & Others

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Wisdom comes with experience, but smart people get wise by learning from the experience of others, rather than making their own mistakes. That’s why I collected this list of wise quotes about relationships, which we all can use as a reference. I believe these quotes will be especially useful for women who went through or are trying to get away from an …