4 Advantages of Experiencing a Difficult Relationship

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Being able to connect with others, find love, support and understanding is no doubts one of the best parts of our lives. But when we find ourselves in the relationships that are crippling and painful, it can make us feel like failures. And when shame and feeling of inadequacy add on top of your bitter disappointment and unhappiness in the relationship, …

5 Reminders to Help You Accept Your Mistakes

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Life is a generally demanding project – we are constantly pushed by circumstances, by society and by our own dreams and expectations to evolve, grow and move on. And given the speed of today’s’ life, it is easy for us to start expecting the same speed of growth and progress in ourselves. When I was a teenager, I thought that …

Everyday Affirmations for New Year

7 Everyday Affirmations for the New Year

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Beginning of a new year is an exciting time that brings hopes of changes for the better. I’m wishing you that your hopes and dreams come true this year! As a gift, I would like to give you my 7 favorite everyday affirmations, that will help you experience life in a deeper, but also in a more positive way. Happy …

Change Your Life by Changing Your Talk

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“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 Sound is powerful. It is a vibration, or frequency, that can affect physical matter, as was revealed by ancient mystics and proven by modern scientists. Each word is a vibration that passes through our body, when we speak it and when …

5 Ideas for Conquering Self Doubt

5 Ideas for Conquering Self-Doubt

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Great self-confidence doesn’t come from nowhere, it is carefully built. And while many of us have to build it from scratch as adults, even the naturally confident people have their moments of self-doubt. Moments, when deep inside you feel vulnerable and wonder if you are enough, if you will manage, if you are capable. Of course, being realistic and careful about …