3 Real but Hidden Reasons Why We Get Envious

Polina MW Soul Healing 1 Comment

Envy is a very toxic feeling that can poison almost any part of our life and any of our relationships. We can hide it, or we can openly demonstrate it to the world, but there’s no doubt that either way it makes us suffer and sometimes the pain is pretty intense. What’s even worse, envy can be very hard to …

5 essential rules for a healthy self esteem

5 Essential Rules for a Healthy Self Esteem

Polina MW Soul Healing 5 Comments

Healthy self esteem is absolutely essential for our happiness, but can be so difficult to develop and maintain. I read many life stories, comments and blogs online and keep noticing one common thing. No matter how brilliant, successful or brave a woman is, at some point she’s battling with low self esteem. From the outside it is often easy to …