5 Ideas for Conquering Self Doubt

5 Ideas for Conquering Self-Doubt

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Great self-confidence doesn’t come from nowhere, it is carefully built. And while many of us have to build it from scratch as adults, even the naturally confident people have their moments of self-doubt. Moments, when deep inside you feel vulnerable and wonder if you are enough, if you will manage, if you are capable. Of course, being realistic and careful about …

How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work?

Long Distance Relationship Advice

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History knows many cases of successful long distance relationships. Couples such as Mark Twain & Olivia Louise Langdon, Winston Churchill & Clementine Hozier and Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera wrote letters to each other, when they were apart, and waited for days for a reply to keep their feelings alive. Today we have internet, facebook, skype and many other means that …

Timeless Wisdom of a Roman Emperor

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“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” Marcus Aurelius I find it fascinating that someone living in 121-180 AD was thinking and noticing something we also contemplate about today. If you have been immersed in self development topic for some time now, this phrase doesn’t seem revolutionary to you. In …

10 Questions You Should Ask to Find Your True Happiness

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“What and how you think and speak to yourself and others defines who you are”  Shortly, but very precisely, Pushpa Chaturvedi from www.speakingtree.in has covered all the necessary questions we need to ask ourselves to find who we really are and what makes us happy. Even people who are not interested in spirituality, but want to improve their well being will benefit from …

Why Self Help Books Don’t Help & The Difference Between Information, Knowledge and Wisdom

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With so many self help books available to us today one would expect the humanity to get happier, healthier and more successful very fast. But in reality you might have noticed that it does not work like this. We are getting more comfortable and secure maybe, but happiness is still something that people struggle to reach. We reached the point …

Simple Way to Relax After a Busy Day

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I have been running around the whole day today, doing many minor things that eat up so much of our energy, despite being small. As I came back in the evening seriously tired, I thought I would share my easy and cheap way to relax at the end of such a day. After all, it’s not only our mind and …