Simple Way to Relax After a Busy Day

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I have been running around the whole day today, doing many minor things that eat up so much of our energy, despite being small. As I came back in the evening seriously tired, I thought I would share my easy and cheap way to relax at the end of such a day. After all, it’s not only our mind and soul that play an important role in our well-being.

Body is the basis of our life, so we have to know how to heal and rejuvenate our bodies. Good news is that rejuvenation doesn’t have to be always complicated or posh, it can be quite simple, but still effective.

These ideas are great when you need something really effortless, quick and minimal.

1. Hot shower

Hot water doesn’t only wash off the dust and dirt from our skin, it massages, relaxes muscles and improves blood flow, helping to clear blockages. It also has a great calming effect on the mind. I have a habit of imagining how water washes off all the stresses, problems and situations of the day – great method to slow down and focus your mind on being home, resting from outside world.

2. Loose clothes

I know many people who like wearing sporty clothes at home, but I find sportswear being too fitting to relax. I prefer bath robes or loose-fitting dresses. Something that won’t constrain your body or touch your skin too much is the best, especially if you are wearing tight jeans, office clothes or some kind of uniform during the day. Not only it will help your body to stay relaxed after shower, but will also make you feel free psychologically. It is similar with hair, so I undo it and let it be as messy as it likes, to relax my scalp.

3. Foot rub

Full body massage is always the best option, of course, but a quick foot rub is able to help almost as much, plus you can easily do it yourself. I received softening mint foot cream as a gift recently and it’s great both as a massage lotion, skin care product and aromatherapy treatment. I also use any kind of oils I have, including olive oil (you need less than you put in a salad). Just a couple of minutes to rub thoroughly each foot and then put them on a high pillow, to ease tension and help feet to relax more.

4. Silence

Resting in a quiet place for another 10-15 minutes is a final step. For me silence is ideal, but it is normally impossible, because I live in the city and even when everything is quiet in my and neighbors’ flats, i can hear traffic and other outside noises. So the next best thing is headphones and nature sounds, like water flowing and birds singing in the forest. It’s not artificial and annoying as traffic noise and is enough to get attention of your mind and quiet it down.

All that process takes about 30 minutes and then I’m ready to go for the rest of the evening.

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