10 Great Quotes About Relationships With Yourself & Others

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Wisdom comes with experience, but smart people try to get wise by learning from the experience of others, rather than making their own mistakes. For that reason, here is a list of great quotes about relationships that I collected and wished I knew before learning the hard way that they are all true. They will be helpful for anyone in any kind of a …

7 Important Reasons to Dress Up Nicely Every Day

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Sometimes I get surprised that fashion industry is so successful. Thousands of designers worldwide create new combinations of form, color and pattern. Thousands of ads show us these wonderful creations in the most appealing ways. Millions of shops attract and persuade us to buy these things. Millions of blogs, webinars, Instagram photos are showing us how to enjoy all these …

5 Ideas for Conquering Self Doubt

5 Ideas for Conquering Self-Doubt

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Great self-confidence doesn’t come from nowhere, it is carefully built. And while many of us have to build it from scratch as adults, even the naturally confident people have their moments of self-doubt. Moments, when deep inside you feel vulnerable and wonder if you are enough, if you will manage, if you are capable. Of course, being realistic and careful about …